How to Prevent Concealer Creasing

I know I have suffered a fair bit with concealer creasing on me during a night out. For a while I just patted it down and accepted that this is the way it was always going to be. But I have since learned from Youtube and practise that this need not be the case. Below I have included my tried any tested under eye concealer routine.

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Romantic Evening Look


Inspired by my flowers from a lovely stranger on Valentine’s Day, I created this simple, sultry Valentine’s-esque look. I kept my eyes uncomplicated with warm neutral colours and to dress it up a bit I added a pop of colour with a tinted lip balm. I also used a bright blush to add a little glow to my cheeks.

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Create the Perfect Smokey Eye


5 Tricks to Get You Started

  • Whether you’re using vibrant colours or the traditional neutral shades, one rule applies to all – blend! Smokey eye makeup can still be dramatic without being harsh, so blend out the darkest shades.
  • The trick to getting the best gradient is to build layers. It takes longer but the softer, sultry end result is worth it.

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