Beauty Blogger of the Month

First off, I have to apologise for my lengthy absence. I started an internship a few weeks back and have been working full time since then so it hasn’t left me much time for blogging. I have been working on some looks and of course I’ll have my beauty favourites post as usual up soon. Continue reading

Makeup Techniques You Probably Haven’t Tried


The best part about writing a beauty blog in this community is having the chance to share and discover the best tips and tricks from each other. Hence, I wanted to dedicate a post to some fantastic techniques I have learned from other bloggers.

Blush Layering

Full credit to Judy and Makeup for this technique. Check out her post, Blush Layering, for loads of suggestions about blushes that work well together and the best way to layer without overdoing it. It’s a great way to make the most of your blushers whether you just have a few or a whole drawer full.

Better Lashes

This next post is a fairly comprehensive guide to mascara. You have probably heard that Vaseline helps lengthen your lashes but did you know an individual lash curler is more effective then traditional ones? For more practical tips on grooming your lashes check out The Skinny on Phat Lashes.

Make Your Own BB Cream

I have yet to find a BB cream worth the hype  so when friends asked me to recommend one I come up blank. So instead of purchasing another dud beauty product, Leah at Essential Skincare has provided a DIY, budget busting solution. For step by step instructions check out her post on How to Make Your Own BB Cream.

Make Your Own Lipstick

I am a massive fan of lipstick and sadly I have noticed in Ireland that some colours are only available during specific seasons. So instead of fretting about a colour you can’t get, why not make your own? That’s exactly what Jill at Beautylish did. Check out her post 7 DIY Crayon Lipsticks for instructions and colour combos as well as swatches from the finished products. It’s an inexpensive way to add to your lipstick collection and you could end up making your new favourite colour.