Real Techniques Collection & Review


Ok so, three brushes is probably too small to call a collection but, anyway. Over the last few years I have accumulated a few brushes from Samantha Chapman’s ever growing collection of Real Techniques makeup brushes. I have honestly recommended them to anyone that will listen and even managed to convince a couple of friends to buy some! They’re fab, super affordable brushes and have lasted really well down through the years (think I bought their Stippling Brush back in 2011!). For all you animal lovers the brushes are cruelty free, made instead from 100% synthetic bristles.

Stippling Brush

My first purchase from this collection was the Stippling brush. It’s perfect level of stiffness to really work your foundation into your skin. I don’t think I have ever used it for powders but it works beautifully with liquid products to leave you with an even, streak-free finish. I actually use it more for contour than foundation at the moment. Since I usually use a darker foundation or concealer to contour I use the Stippling brush to blend it out and make it look more natural. Considering it’s still perfect after 3 years of use and abuse says a lot about the quality. At almost €16 it’s one of the priciest brushes I own but it’s worth the investment.

Blush Brush

The next two brushes were a little cheaper but no less impressive. I had been dying to find a new blush brush to replace my Up&Up brush which had started to fray so I did my research and bought the RT Blush Brush. I’ll be honest and say this guy looks beastly coming at your face covered in blush. But it gives a delicate touch of colour to the apples of your cheeks that’s unbelievably flattering. The bristles are much longer and softer so it’s hard to overdo it, unless you’re really trying to. And for €13 it’s well worth the investment.

Expert Face Brush

My most recent and undoubtedly FAVOURITE purchase has been the Expert Face Brush. Oh. My. God. It literally should be named Best Makeup Brush Ever Of All Time No Exceptions. It’s almost too amazing to use…almost. But seriously, it works with powder or liquid foundation and gives a gorgeous airbrushed finish. It works really well for those of you who (like myself) want fuller coverage. The brush it so dense that it doesn’t soak up any of the product, it just lets you blend to perfection.

It’s very hard not to go overboard about it but this is one every girl should own. Buy it. Now.


Quality: 10/10

Affordability: 9/10

Longevity: 10/10

Application: 9.5/10


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