Born Pretty Store Product Review


I received my first order from the Born Pretty Store this week. I hadn’t heard much about them but a little browse on their website revealed an extensive makeup collection including dupes for a lot of Topshop’s makeup collection. Everything on the site is reasonably priced and there’s free shipping to anywhere in the world!

The Hot Shop Velvet Finish Moisturising Lipstick


My first order included a very good dupe for a Topshop lipstick called The Hot Shop Velvet Finish Moisturising Lipstick which I got in 08, a vibrant red colour. The lipstick glides on easily and the colour is very pigmented. There’s is a lovely glossy finish to it and has good lasting power.

Volume Eyes Curling Mascara


I was really impressed with this mascara. It’s the only one that gives my lashes lift without using a curler. It’s super long lasting and adds loads of length to my lashes. There is a strange smell from this mascara but it wouldn’t stop me using it. One disadvantage though is it takes longer than my other mascaras to dry, although once it is dry it doesn’t smudge whatsoever even after rubbing my eyes.

Diamond Shimmer Eyeshadow Cream


While this is not a product I can wear everyday I have been dying to try it for some more glamorous looks. The glitter is in a clear gel so you can layer it over any eyeshadow and glam up any look. Because of the gel there is no creasing or fallout and you could even use it as a base to add eyeshadow or loose glitter on top. The packaging is gorgeous and the cute little pot can easily fit into a purse or travel bag.

The Look

I used the three products in the look below.




The package was posted from Hong Kong and although it said it would take three to four weeks my package arrived in just over a week. Although there was nothing particularly fragile in the package everything was wrapped really well so I feel safer ordering eyeshadows in future. Β So all in all, I had a great experience using and they have kindly offered a 10% discount to all of my readers.



Has anyone else purchased anything from the Born Pretty Store? Would love to hear what you think!


22 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store Product Review

  1. Oh man, that red lip looks so legit! And it’s a moisturizing lipstick? Even better. I feel like I one I have dries up a little and that’s not cute. Such a simple and easy look! And you look flawlezz Ms. Lisa.

  2. Your finished look was super pretty! I love the diamond shimmer eyeshadow cream especially. I think it really brightens up the whole look. I have seen a couple of things about Born Pretty Store on YouTube, and I have looked at the store but never purchased an item. I am looking to expand my make up collection so I might have to take a look again and see what I can find.

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