Review: My Concealer Collection


As someone who suffers from rosacea and dark circles under my eyes I always have a concealer on hand. I have bought a few over the years and thought I would share with you my collection and my thoughts on why I love them or loath them. I have combination skin but I have tried my best to take other skin types into account in the reviews.

The Nars Dupe: Maybelline Fit Me €8.99

It’s a medium coverage concealer and although it has an orangey tinge to it it does blend out nicely. The texture is quite odd, it’s matte but it doesn’t feel dry or cakey.

Creasing could be an issue because of the texture and I wouldn’t wear it by itself.

Best for: Normal skin applied under foundation or when you have time to blend it in properly.

Avoid if: You are pale or very fair skinned. The lightest shade was quite dark and orangey.

Note: So I have read a lot reviews claiming this is a dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. For those of you interested in how they compared the vast majority of bloggers conclude that Nars gives better coverage but Maybelline Fit Me is less cakey.

The No-Makeup Look: Rimmel Wake Me Up €6.99

This is a light to medium coverage concealer. The formula is quite moisturising so it gives the skin a soft dewy look. Most skin types could get away with wearing this on its own as it’s very natural looking. I bought the lightest shade and while it’s not particularly brightening it does give a lift to the under eye area.

Lasting power is good and I haven’t experienced much noticeable creasing with this.

Best for: A no-makeup look or if you are stuck for time. It takes seconds to apply and blend and gives you very natural coverage.

Avoid if: You have very oily skin. This is definitely not ideal for the T-Zone area as it adds to any shine.

The Bargain: MUA Cover and Conceal €1.35

I have been so impressed with MUA products and they didn’t let me down with this guy. At €1.35 you can’t expect miracles but this concealer doesn’t fall flat. It gives light-medium coverage and the lasting power isn’t bad but best of all it doesn’t dry out or crease.

I can’t say it has any brightening effects but it does reduce the look of dark circles and makes your skin look fresh and dewy.

Best for: Anyone who needs light coverage. It’s the perfect concealer to keep in your handbag for touch-ups.

Avoid if: You have oily skin. You can just about get away with it with combination skin but it definitely needs a matte powder to keep your skin from looking shiny.

The Illuminator: Collection Illuminating Touch €5.99

I really only use this as an under eye concealer. It gives light coverage and a brightening effect. It also works well as a daytime highlighter across the top of the cheekbones.

It’s very lightweight so creasing isn’t a problem unless you add layers. The pen applicator is great for precise application and the liquid formula is easy to blend.

Best for: Highlighting the area under the eyes or for use over concealer to add brightening effect.

Avoid if: You have dry skin or don’t suit pink toned products. Although it’s a liquid formula it’s slightly drying once blended into the skin.

Note: The writing wears off the side very easily. I have included a photo of my old and new concealer for comparison. It doesn’t bother me but I know a lot of people have issues with it.

The Difficult One: No7 Quick Cover (No longer available)

This is a medium-full coverage concealer. I have mixed feelings about this concealer because of how hard it can be to blend. It’s very matte and drying so it draws attention to any dry patches on your face. I usually only use this to cover the redness on my cheeks and along my jawline as the coverage and lasting power is good.

Best for: Oily skin or if you want a long lasting matte concealer.

Avoid if: You have dry skin or want to use this as an under eye concealer.

The All-Rounder: Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up €27.50

This is the priciest concealer I own but you get what you pay for. It gives full coverage that lasts all day. The formula is quite heavy but it doesn’t dry out the way other stick concealers tend to. Despite the heavy formula it only creases slightly over time and it’s very easy to blend.

A little goes a long way so this concealer has lasted me a couple of years and it’s still going strong.

Best for: An all-purpose concealer.

Avoid if: You are prone to breakouts. The formula is quite thick and oily which is great for coverage and blending but not great for skin that’s easily irritated.

The MAC dupe: Catrice Camouflage Cream €3.49

This is a full coverage concealer (apparently it’s a decent dupe for MAC Studio Finish Concealer). It’s creamy consistency makes it easy to blend out. It’s quite opaque so a little goes a long way.

The biggest downfall with this product is how much it dries out. It looks perfect for the first half hour and then it starts oxidising or something so it appears all patchy. Mind you I have only found this when I have used the concealer by itself. It doesn’t get patchy when applied with moisturizer and foundation.

I have experienced a fair amount of creasing with this product so I wouldn’t recommend using it as an under eye concealer.

Best for: Covering any acne or redness.

Avoid if: Yellow based products don’t suit you or if you want an under eye concealer.

Heavy Duty: Hard Candy Glamoflauge $6

This is my Holy Grail product for covering my rosacea. It is full coverage concealer, hides any discolouration or redness etc. The formula is quite thick so I only use the smallest amount and blend it out. This is very long lasting and I have only ever noticed it caking when I have applied too much product.

The finish is a bit shiny so I would only wear this under foundation or use a finishing powder. I would always use this product with a primer so it doesn’t appear patchy.

Best for: Covering any discolouration or imperfections.

Avoid if: You are prone to breakouts or have very oily skin.

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