Blog Collaboration: June Favourites


So I have teamed up with the wonderful Courtney from Breakfast at Vogue for this month’s favourites. So let me introduce you with a little Q&A and find out what her favourite June products.

1. What beauty product can you not live without?
I feel like I have so many, but I think it’s my All About The Eyes Clinique under eye concealer. I have pretty bad dark circles so this covers them up perfectly.

2. What is your best beauty tip?
My best beauty tip is I think to blend! Blending makes everything look more natural, especially when it comes to blending your base like your foundation or bronzer.

3. If you had only 3 minutes to do your makeup, what would you apply first?
I would definitely focus on foundation, brows and lashes if I only had three minutes. I’d probably use a BB cream and then fill the brows and throw on some mascara. If I had extra time I would definitely put on some blush!

4. What do you splurge on?
I always splurge on face products, especially my skincare routine. The clarisonic was probably the best thing I every bought. On makeup though, I definitely splurge on my foundation, concealers and powders.

5. What is the worst makeup faux pas you have ever committed?
My worst makeup faux pas is probably never filling in my brows for half my life! I don’t know what I was thinking. My brow hairs are really thick so they leave sparse areas that are just asking to be filled in! I also used to over pluck my brows when I was younger, which I’m still regretting today.

June Favourites

Clarisonic: This thing literally makes your face feel so amazing after each use. I only use it at night to really clean deep down and since using it, my skin has improved drastically.

Say Yes to Carrot Face Wipes: I recently started using these and I love them already. They are gentle enough to use every night and they take all of my makeup off. They also smell really fresh too!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: I love this stuff! It looks really natural on and it doesn’t break me out which is obviously a plus.

Clinique Chubby Sticks: These things are awesome for everyday. They give off the perfect amount of color and they last a good amount of time for being so moisturizing.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara: This mascara makes my lashes look naturally long without making them look spidery. It also is suppose to make you lashes grow. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I love it anyway.

I hope you check out Courtney’s blog and my June favourites over at Breakfast at Vogue.



7 thoughts on “Blog Collaboration: June Favourites

  1. always love to read a good favourites! please check out my new skin series on my blog all about the science behind skin as well as understanding your own skin and developing a complimentary routine. follow and i will love forever xox your local bohemian

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