Guest Post: How to Wear Pearls Without Looking Old-Fashioned

Oyster and pearls

I am so excited to introduce my first guest blogger! Tammy from Chic and Alluring is taking the blogging world by storm. Keep reading for tips on how to modernize pearls and check out her blog for more beauty and fashion tips.

Pearls are beautiful, especially high-quality ones, but how to wear them without looking “old”? In my entry on how to look expensive in inexpensive clothing, I mentioned that pearls are a great alternative to diamonds, and I would like to expand more on that today.

If you are anything like me, somehow you have acquired some beautiful pearl jewelry pieces, and while they look basic enough, they are also difficult to wear because, well, they somehow make you look old-fashioned, or too formal. At best, they make you feel as though they are clashing with your everyday clothes; at worst, you are convinced that they make you look like a granny on Easter Sunday.

Today, I am going to give you a quick guide on how to modernize pearls for daily wear, and how to take away the formality. For this guide, I will use the three most basic pearl pieces as examples: pearl studs; a simple pearl strand; a pearl bracelet.

Before we move forward, here is my most important advice for modernizing pearls: Wear only one pearl piece at a time, if you don’t want to look dressed up. This means, if you are wearing a pair of pearl studs, don’t wear them with a pearl necklace and/or bracelet.

Note: The pictures below are merely suggestions. The links are non-affiliated, and of course, feel free to use your creativity to come up with the alternatives! 

1. The pearl studs: These look so basic, yet can be so difficult to wear! My advice for modernizing them is:

  • A. Pair them with a simple necklace. Something dainty and informal. The simple diamond necklace below is versatile, in that it can be dressed up or down, while the dainty necklace from Dogeared is casual enough to really tone down the pearl earrings.
  • B. Or a necklace that is more organic, such as this beaded wire-wrapped necklace from Itay Yona Collection.
  • C. Perhaps a casual yet clearly very modern and stylish silver bracelet, such as the cuff from Artulia Jewelry, which is made to resemble the ocean wave.


 2. The conservative pearl strand:

  • A. Introduce this necklace to the modern time, and take its conservatism and formality down a notch, by layering it with a cool, stylish wrap-around sterling silver chain from Slane. Make sure that the pearl strand is shorter and closer to your neck than the silver chain. Ideally, the pearl strand should be 16 inches long, as the chain is there to support and enhance the beauty of the pearl, not compete with it.
  • B. Pair with a city chic outfit, such as dark skinny jeans, black fitted (but never tight) t-shirt, and tanned boots. Imagine this pearl strand, worn as a shorter necklace (this is why 16″ is ideal: it’s young!) on Kate Moss below. The pearls would brighten that outfit up without clashing, and also add a healthy glow to the complexion.


3. The basic, sometimes even bland, pearl bracelet: Again, mix the “old” with the new; the formal with informal. However, also remember to make sure that the pieces that you wear complement one another.

  • A. Something as basic as pearl bracelet is best paired with something fun, such as this wrap-around watch from La Mer, available at Shop Bop. The watch style is also available with silver hardware and different stones. I particularly like the one featured here because, once paired with the pearl bracelet, the resulting look has a very fantasy-inspired, under-the-sea look.
  • B. Or a more organic, sculpted ring, such as the sterling silver and moonstone ring from Natural Jewelry Design or the Sand Dunes ring fromFLUX.

Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to mix-and-match the guide above. For example, you can wear the pearl studs from Part 1 with the La Mer wrap-around watch from Part 3.

I hope that you have found this guide helpful and fun to read!

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