Wanted: Guest Bloggers Apply Now!

I’m starting the hunt for fresh, original talent to feature on the days I cannot post. If you are interested in reaching a new audience and building a relationship for future collaborations please read on.

What Kind of Blogger I Am Looking For?

I am looking for up to three beauty bloggers (new or established) with a proposal for an ORIGINAL piece. Please do not submit anything you have had published previously.

The piece can cover any of the following: hauls, reviews, favourites, makeup looks or tutorials.

How To Apply

Private message me with a proposal for your guest post on my Facebook page. Only a brief proposal is necessary, so you can protect your ideas in the event you are not chosen. The proposal should include the title of your post, along with a brief explanation of what you want to discuss, i.e. products, trends, techniques etc.

You can submit up to three proposals as I am looking to feature three guest posts in the near future.

You must also include a link back to your blog so I can evaluate the standard of your previous posts. No spam and no unrelated material please, I am looking for genuine bloggers who are looking to build a wider audience based on collaborations.

What Happens if You Are Selected?

I will contact you to ask for the full post/posts (photos included where necessary) I want to feature. At this point we can discuss any finer details, such as editing and publication dates.

You will also be required to write a brief bio to be included with your guest post.

What’s in it For You?

Your post will be featured on my blog (with full credit given) as well as on my Facebook page and Google+ profile. I will also feature your post in three Google+ communities: Beauty Bloggers, Makeup Lovers and Beauty Gurus.

Everywhere I feature you there will also be a backlink to your blog which improve your page ranking in most search engines.

Sadly, I can’t promise your blog will suddenly get a million views/like/follows but I have a growing following and with time any posts should be successful.

You will also be featured on a ‘Guest Bloggers’ page on my blog.

Liebster Award 

I have just been nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful Pretty Little Grub and I haven’t found 10 bloggers to nominate. So regardless or whether I pick your post I might be nominating your blog if I like the look of it!

Deadline: This is no official deadline as I’m always looking to collaborate with talented bloggers but if you wanted to be featured in the near future I would advise you to apply ASAP.


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