How to Prevent Concealer Creasing

I know I have suffered a fair bit with concealer creasing on me during a night out. For a while I just patted it down and accepted that this is the way it was always going to be. But I have since learned from Youtube and practise that this need not be the case. Below I have included my tried any tested under eye concealer routine.

Step 1

Moisturise! The more hydrated your skin the less obvious the lines under your eyes appear. Make sure you wait a few minutes after applying the moisturiser so it is absorbed by the skin.


Step 2

Next step is to apply your primer to everywhere you want to conceal (this will depend person to person). Work the primer into your skin with your ring finger or a brush. Make sure to blend it out and up to your eye line.


Step 3

Now for the concealer. Avoid cream concealer where possible! Cream concealer cake and crease more easily when they set so try to stick to liquid concealers.

If you must use a cream concealer for more coverage, apply a liquid concealer over it. It sounds like these steps would make your concealer look cakey but in reality it will allow the makeup sit better into the skin.

Another thing to note is where to put the concealer. Most recommend you cover the whole area under your eye right up to the lash line. However, concealer can pronounce bags when applied to the outer corner under your eye. So if you only need coverage on the inner corner, only apply concealer to the inner corner!


Step 4

Blot! Taking a tissue or blotting paper and gently pressing onto the concealer (it’s important you do not pat repeatedly) can help remove the oil that seeps into creases and lines. Only do this if you have time as you need to be gentle. If you don’t have time the next step should also help absorb excess moisture.

Step 5

This step is optional. Adding a setting powder is useful for reducing any shine but isn’t necessary to add longevity as the primer should help make your concealer long lasting.


While You Are Out and About

Beauty and the Boutique recommends patting Jojoba Oil over the area to revive your concealer when you are on the go.

If you don’t have Jojoba Oil you can always pat down your concealer with your ring finger.

Before and After: Crease Free Concealer



These steps reduce any darkness or blemishes without resulting in creased or cakey looking concealer. I’m wearing no makeup in this photo to show you the true improvements of this technique.



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