Makeup Monday – Save or Splurge?

I thought I’d briefly share one of the best guides I have read about Saving or Splurging on makeup. It’s honest, well reasoned with some of my favourite products mentioned.

Definitely worth a quick read.

Pretty Little Grub

Makeup can be expensive! Ask Tom…he has created spreadsheets showing me how much I spend on makeup.


(This is actually how excited Tom gets about spreadsheets)

Therefore, when I can save some money on makeup, I like to! There are certain items where using drugstore products is just fine but there are other products where you really get a superior product if you splurge on the professional brands.

So should you SAVE or should you SPLURGE?


SAVE – There are some really great drugstore foundations available now so unless you have complicated skin issues or really sensitive skin, you likely can save on this one and go for the drugstore brand. The only downside to drugstore is usually their shade range is more limited so you have to learn some blending techniques if it isn’t the perfect match for your skin.

My favourite drugstore foundation is Revlon Colorstay.




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