Create the Perfect Smokey Eye


5 Tricks to Get You Started

  • Whether you’re using vibrant colours or the traditional neutral shades, one rule applies to all – blend! Smokey eye makeup can still be dramatic without being harsh, so blend out the darkest shades.
  • The trick to getting the best gradient is to build layers. It takes longer but the softer, sultry end result is worth it.

  • Be aware of the shape of your eye when considering this technique, girls with smaller eyes want to avoid using a dark shade all over as this will make your eyes look even smaller. Try using a brighter highlight shade and use white/cream eyeliner.
  • Ideally you would use a blending brush for this or just the edge of a fluffy brush. If you don’t have a blending brush, use your fingers! Otherwise it could end up looking too harsh and messy. (Your ring finger is best for this as it has the lightest touch, same goes for blending highlighters, foundation, concealer etc.)
  • The more pigmented the shadows the more dramatic the look. The beauty of the smokey eye is you can go as bold or as soft as you please. Just remember you should always start soft and build up slowly, it’s easier to add more then to peal it back.
  • Add colour underneath your eye too! People often forget to add eyeshadow to the bottom lid and this gives oomph to any smokey look. You can add a different colour to the lower lash line for an even cooler smokey look.

Palette Combinations 

naked 1

 naked 2 

naked 3

Useful Tools

I have included a list of the most effective tools to  use when creating a smokey eye look.

  • Flat shader brush – a stiff flat brush to apply colour all over the lid
  • Crease brush – a stiff domed brush to apply the darker shades into the crease
  • C brush – a stiff  ‘c’ shaped brush to apply eye shadow to the outer V
  • Detail brush –  a small pointed brush to apply highlighter shade to the inner corner
  • Blender brush – a stiff fluffy brush to blend colours out and apply transition shades

And remember:

  • Contrast is key
  • Don’t be afraid of colour
  • Experiment!


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