Christmas Party Look #2


For my second Christmas look I wanted to try out some recently purchased goodies. I used three of the Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows and I am officially in love! Expect to see a review soon. In this look I used the shades Look Me in the Ice, Gold n’ Roses and Mauves Like Jagger. I added e.l.f.’s baked eyeshadow in Toast to the outer corner to add some depth.

Some eyeliner and mascara and BAM! You’re good to go.


Real Techniques Collection & Review


Ok so, three brushes is probably too small to call a collection but, anyway. Over the last few years I have accumulated a few brushes from Samantha Chapman’s ever growing collection of Real Techniques makeup brushes. I have honestly recommended them to anyone that will listen and even managed to convince a couple of friends to buy some! They’re fab, super affordable brushes and have lasted really well down through the years (think I bought their Stippling Brush back in 2011!). For all you animal lovers the brushes are cruelty free, made instead from 100% synthetic bristles. Continue reading

My Favourite Makeup Storage Ideas


I love finding new and quirky ways to display and store my makeup collection. I have scoured the internet for the prettiest, cheapest and most creative ways to make the most of the space you have. Whether you just want something store bought or to make a DIY project out of it I hope to cover all the bases in this post.

Flower pots/Candle holders

This flower pot is one of my favourites and from none other than Ikea. It only costs €2.25 and is the perfect size (15 cm in height) to store your makeup brushes. According to the website they only stock them in white but I have seen them in different colours so it’s probably possible to spray paint them. Ikea also stock a smaller candle holder (10 cm in height) in the Skurar collection for €2 if you want something smaller.


Straw Dispenser

This may be a little old school but it’s very effective for keeping your brushes clean, especially after you go to the effort of washing them. You can buy them for any price on Etsy but if you’re more likely to find some cheaper options on ebay or Amazon. Obviously, this will better suit those with smaller collections of brushes or eye brushes. The colour options are almost limitless so it could be a bright and quirky addition to your vanity table.



Glass jars are reasonably versatile as far decorating goes. You can paint them or tie ribbons around them, fill them with colourful beads or leave them as they are. With tins you can wrap decorative wrapping paper to glam them up on the cheap. You spend as much or as little as you like ad glasses jars come in all shapes and sizes. Mason and apothecary jars are the most popular for the purpose of storing brushes.


(Click on the image above for a tutorial on decorating tins.)

Desk Organisers

Desk organisers are another easy way to organise your makeup collection. You can get them in all shapes, sizes and colours so you are guaranteed to find one to suit your need. I have found some simple ones in Ikea, Homestore and More or Mujii. For more something more similar to the third photo below I would check out T.K. Maxx or Dunnes Stores. Searching online might reveal some more unique finds or you could always decorate something for your local office supply shop.


Cake Stands

This is a chic way of organising your makeup. It works well for any larger or irregular shaped products. While searching online might yield the best results it might be worthwhile scouring your local charity shops and car boot sales to find one of these on the cheap. You also have the option to make one yourself. Follow the link to a youtube tutorial $10.


Letter Holder

There is a gorgeous selection of letter holders online. I have found decorative white metal holders (pictured below) in WH Smiths, Target, Barnes & Noble and Wilkinsons. A slightly more expansive option are the stunning shabby chic letter racks and wall racks, there are plenty of options available for a range of prices from TK Maxx and ebay.


DVD/Toast Rack

I love this quirky use of DVD and toast racks to organise you makeup palettes. While the DVD rack will only work for larger palettes if you have a large number of them this may be the easiest method to display them. You can find these is any department store but you might find some quirkier designs online.


For more storage ideas and DIY tutorials check out my Makeup Storage board on Pinterest! How do you keep your collection organised?


(I do not own these images. For image sources, just click on the image.)

Look of the Day: Autumn Leaves


So Autumn is officially here! Although I’m not looking forward to the colder weather I can’t wait to switch to some richer eye shadows. Today’s looks is inspired by Autumn’s colours, mixing golds, reds and browns. All of the eye shadows are from Coastal Scents Hot Pot collection and the shades are pictured and their names listed below.


Top Row: 18 Karat Gold, Coconut Husk, Deep Roast

Bottom Row: Elven Gold, Baked Clay, Peachy Copper


These shades are perfect for making blue and green eyes pop but this look can be easily altered for all eye colours. If you have brown or hazel eyes swap the red for a deep purple shade.


Review: My Concealer Collection


As someone who suffers from rosacea and dark circles under my eyes I always have a concealer on hand. I have bought a few over the years and thought I would share with you my collection and my thoughts on why I love them or loath them. I have combination skin but I have tried my best to take other skin types into account in the reviews. Continue reading